Living on the Edge

Your clients need support to deal with a new IT infrastructure approach, enabling them to measure, store and process data where life takes place at the network edge. Thanks to Vertiv's simple setup solutions, you'll be the star on the data center scene

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Discover the benefits we offer to implement Vertiv integrated solutions on your projects.

Smart solutions for top-performing data centers!

Vertiv offers a series of smart, market-leading, and fully-integrated solutions designed for an agile deployment and an easy and quick startup.


SmartCabinet™ is a pre-configured, self-contained solution that offers the efficiency, economy, interoperability, and control to implement an exceptional infrastructure strategy.


SmartRow™ provides a complete data center in a row in just weeks, not months.


Vertiv SmartMod™ is a flexible platform, optimized for simplified deployment of your critical IT infrastructure.

Delivery and installation of a modular and prefabricated data center.


Increase the chances of earning a profit!

Selling IT infrastructure solutions is just the beginning. Improve the potential profit margins, leveraging the opportunity to add services to your sales. Vertiv provides the best-in-class service options for all our solutions.

Join our Vertiv Partner Program to get great rewards for selling Vertiv solutions. From marketing development funds and education to Vertiv One Rewards, our exclusive incentive program for selling our solutions.

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